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Truck Steam Cleaning

Truck Steam Cleaning

Truck Steam Cleaning Doncaster

Steam cleaning at Anthony Robson Commercials (based in Doncaster ) is a key service which we offer and a must for any haulier wishing to keep their fleet maintained to a high standard. Whether you are getting your vehicle or trailer ready for its MOT test or cleaning off day-to-day dirt, our pressure washing service is designed to do just that.

We understand the urgency to get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible and that time is such an important factor in the Transport industry, with this in mind we offer a reliable cost effective MOT Steam cleaning services.

We undertake Steam Cleaning for all types of heavy goods vehicles and trailers with our steam cleaning bay comprising of a scissor lift with lifting capacity of 22,000kg we are capable of lifting Heavy Goods Vehicles in the air to clean under the vehicle and removing dirt and grease from key components. This is particularly helpful when presenting a vehicle for MOT as the inspector will want to be able to check these components, failure to do so will result in a fail. 

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