New DAF Artic Units get their Robsons makeover

DAf Euro 6 Artic Units accreditation

Our two latest additions ( two new DAF Artic Units ) to the fleet have had their Robson’s livery added and are looking well.

All our Artic Units now meet the Euro VI standards.

NEW DAF Vehicles

At Anthony Robsons we take great pride in our FLEET and how they look collectively. This commitment comes stems from the ownership and their respect and loyalty to suppliers who have always served us well over the years. When we get looked after and get a great service we have no reason to look anywhere else, hence our ever-growing fleet of NEW DAF Vehicles.

We are please with the way they all look uni-formal and this is the same for the Lorry mounted Vehicles which are all slowly becoming PM Cranes (again due to the great service we get from a local company)