New Build! New Vehicle Type!


New Addition to the fleet at Anthony Robson Transport! When we build a new vehicle we often try to add something a little different. This time we have gone for a 8 Wheeler Rigid Hiab with a PM 50.5TM Hiab front mounted with Hydraulic ramps fitted to the rear in a cheese-wedge body.

We have always had Low-Loaders and Rigid Hiabs and we have seen increased popularity of moving plant equipment in recent years and hoping this vehicle will take some pressure off the low-loaders when they are busy and also work as a Rigid Hiab.

NEW VEHICLE| Rigid Hiab with Ramps

Also, quite often we have experienced customers with plant equipment without lifting points but the load also has ancillary items that DO require lifting, in this case the New Vehicle – Rigid Hiab and rear Hydraulic ramps would suit perfectly.

The vehicle will be registered as a 70 plate and be on the road and available to Hire from September 2020.

New Vehicle - Beaver-tail

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