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HGV Diagnostics

HGV Diagnostics Doncaster

Anthony Robson Commercials operate a Heavy Goods Vehicle workshop in Doncaster, South Yorkshire with HGV Diagnostics equipment on site to fault find , give technical backup to help identify underlying issues. This helps us get vehicles back on the road faster. 


We have a range of truck and trailer software to communicate with a vehicles ECU and relay problems back to our computer allowing us to analyse the data feedback. From here, we have technical backup and the experience to be able to find the source of the problems for  HGV Diagnostics. 


After finding the faults and diagnosing the reason it has occurred, the next step is to clear the fault from the vehicles memory.


Nowadays, even with regular scheduled service and maintenance in many cases the use of diagnostic equipment is essential, to reset service lights and check or activate the various systems.


Our engineers have undergone specialist training and with the latest software and dedicated workshop we are confident we able to maintain a fleet and fault diagnose.


Our Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Service in Doncaster Includes:

Complete HGV Diagnostic Checks
Dashboard Warning Lights Diagnostics
Gearbox Diagnostics
ABS & EBS Diagnostics
Servicing Vehicle Parts
Engine Management
Service Light Resets

HGV Diagnositics

At Anthony Robson Commercial Repairs we offer a thorough professional HGV Diagnosis service for Heavy Goods / Light Commercial Vehicles. The initial step is to connect our diagnostic tools to your vehicle. To do this we use an interface to plug directly into your vehicle which links to our TEXA TXTs. This unit is then linked back to a laptop and gives the mechanic readings.


For trailers we can also use our Haldex diagnostic to connect to the trailer directly and give diagnosis and fault find. 

Following a diagnostic check our machines will talk directly to your vehicle control unit (computer) and the feedback will be sent to our laptop. From here the technicians are able to dissect what component might be causing the faults. This in-depth analysis gives us the advantage of having to check various parts to fault find. 


Along with our skilled technicians and management support we also have technical support on-hand to back-up this service. We believe our diagnostic support is second to none for quality and reliability.



HGV Diagnostics DoncasterFollowing a successful connection to the vehicles electronic system we are able to look at past faults in the vehicles memory and have the option to clear these faults following analysis.


Sometimes it can be difficult to re-create the fault when I fault is intermittent so accessing this information allows us to talk to the vehicle and see the underlying faults.


Brake Testing DoncasterUsing the same system we are able to connect to the vehicles on-board system and re-set any service lights that are active on the dashboard following maintenance.

MOT PreparationOur Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) mechanics are on hand to rectify any defects found on pre-MOT Inspection. We carry stock on many items to help speed up this process and have accounts with many suppliers in the area to source parts to get repairs done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Our professional service means we will always try to accommodate a customers needs and get the vehicle back on the road (where it belongs) as soon as possible.  We pride ourselves on offering our customers total transparency and will never commit to carrying out additional paid work without a customers consent.

Please watch the short video below  on the TXTs HGV Diagnosis system which we operate at Anthony Robson Commercial Repairs. For more information on Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) or Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Diagnosis then please call our Commercial Repairs team on 01302 723291.